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Are you thinking of heading down to Aruba for your next vacation? They call it "one happy island", and after being there for one week I can totally see why. It is a beautiful island located in the Caribbean with so many beaches and coastal areas to explore that are so different from one another. The incredible beaches are one of the biggest reasons people keep going back to Aruba time and time again. There is of course the option of staying on a resort - or if you're feeling more adventurous, you can also stay in a rental home, rent a car, and explore the island and all it has to offer! In this blog post, I will be highlighting my top four favorite and uniquely diverse beaches, and sharing images that I took during the gorgeous, soft hours of sunrise and sunset.


Tres Trapi

Also known as Malmok beach, Tres Trapi (meaning three steps) is a stunning limestone shoreline nestled between the northern tip lighthouse and Palm beach. It is an incredible spot for snorkeling – the waters are crystal clear and the variety of fish in the water will have you entertained for hours. This is the spot where the sailboat and catamaran tours stop for their snorkelling tours, but it can easily be accessed by car and has a lovely sandy beach spot that is great for hopping in and out.

Palm Beach

This beach is one of the most populated ones on the island. It is the area where all of the high-rise hotels are located. We found a much calmer spot at the very end of the beach, where the parasailing activities are located. Grab a chair, have a seat, and watch people learn to parasail for hours of entertainment. Palm beach is also a great spot to go for a long walk on the beach, taking in all the gorgeous hotels as you go.

Mangel Halto

This secluded beach was one of the most interesting and unique coastal locations that we experienced during our stay. There are little beaches hidden in the trees and are perfect for a quiet, relaxing day. You can walk right out into the water to experience some of the best snorkelling adventures that Aruba has to offer. You’ll can see parrot fish, yellowtail snapper, sergeant majors and blue tangs as well as deep-water gorgonians, sponges and anemones! While we were there, we saw a few people kayaking with tour guides, which must have been such an awesome experience.

Baby Beach

One of our absolute favorites during this vacation. Baby beach is located at the very southern tip of the island and can be easily accessed by car. You might even get lucky run into a small herd of wild donkeys during your drive in – they seemed very friendly and curious, but of course you should always be careful and keep a safe distance. The water at the beach is shallow, crystal clear, and there are no waves. It is perfect for snorkelling – as it has its own little habitat nestled in the farthest corner, or it is also great for just floating around in the gorgeous wave-free waters.  You can rent some chairs and make yourself comfortable in one of the many complimentary huts for some day-long shade.