Hi there,

  • No screenshots or downloads of the images when they have my watermark on them

  • So, no sharing images at all with my watermark

  • Once your images have been purchased, I will do a light touch-up, remove my watermark, and upload them to full resolution (you can print to any size you want – as many times as you want, and of course share online! 😉)

  • Prices:   1 for $15,  3 for $40, 5 for $60

To purchase, send me an email at marieroyphoto@hotmail.com with the image numbers you’d like to have.  OR, you can also create a ‘favorites’ folder on the site, and I’ll be able to see that no problem!   Payment by e-transfer 😊

You can view the images here: 


RP August Show

RP September Hunter Show

RPF Jumper Day


Thanks so much!


Halifax wedding photographer serving Nova Scotia, Montreal and Toronto.