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Micro Weddings & Elopements

Updated: Dec 20, 2022

Let's talk trends for the 2021 wedding seasons for a moment. At the top of that list are Micro-weddings, Elopements, and Backyard weddings. Why? Let me explain it in this blog, while we also tell you WHY we love them so much! We've written this post for you with the help of Halifax Wedding Planner, Sky's the Limit.

"They say home is where the heart is, and weddings are no exception to that rule. For 2021, luxurious backyard parties are making their mark. Reinvent your outdoor space with extravagant lighting, elegant tablescapes, rugs, runners and decked out floral decor." - 2021 wedding trends: Backyard weddings. Wedding Bells Magazine

01. Budget.

Let's start with budget - the obvious no-brainer for elopements and micro weddings. Of course you'll save a ton of money! Couples easily spend $30,000 and upwards when hosting hundreds of people for their wedding. You can also spend your entire wedding budget on your micro-wedding as well, though, if you decide. Many couples decide to spend the entire budget, and just spend it on specializing every detail to make the celebration even more special. Want to go all out and have live music at your wedding? It's much easier to afford when you aren't hosting hundreds of guests.

2. Décor

Budget brings me to my next point - decor. You could do the DIY - save all your money route. Or, you can have the wedding of your dreams with your original wedding budget at a smaller scale! The table decor you were going to do for 50 tables can be narrowed down to two tables and made to be extra gorgeous with details. With the guest count being so small, I know the guests coming to your wedding are extra special to you - so spend some time catering to each guest on a smaller scale with details that speak to them. The same applies to florals, and so much more - now that the scale is smaller, you can really add detail to each piece to make it stand out that much more. You'll get to have that Martha Stewart decor wedding of your dreams.

You don't have to go to the courthouse! I repeat, you don't have to go to the courthouse! Elopements can happen anywhere in Nova Scotia. Now that parks are open again, the possibilities are endless. Want to get married on a cliff-side in the Cape Breton Highlands? Sure! On the beach? No problem! You are not limited to the dark and old-school courthouse at all.

Harbour Mist, styled by Wedding Whisperer, Florals Little Thistle, Rentals MacFarlands, Gown Miss Foxine as seen in print in The White Wren Vol II

04. Intimate & Romantic

It really doesn't get more intimate than this. Yes, having a huge party is wonderful - but it's not for everyone. And if it's not for you, that's okay! Going the elopement route and spending your wedding day with your spouse and no one else is a beautiful thing. A micro-wedding is also a great in-between option. Spend your wedding day with 10 or so of your absolute closest family and friends and I guarantee you will have such a memorable experience with your loved ones

Bowers Construction Home, Styled by Graceful Weddings, Gown Katrina Tuttle, Florals Little Thistle, Rentals MacFarlands, Catered Kitchen Door. As seen in Dear Bride.

From Sky's the Limit Events

Stephanie from Sky's the Limit - It's no secret that guest list numbers have dwindled due to

the pandemic over the last year, and yes, for some, this is considered to be inconvenient. However, there's so many positives when choosing a micro-wedding/elopement. What we love about them is the intimacy they create. Just you and your love or a small group of your friends and family can make your wedding even more special. So, we say, why not embrace it.

Also, I'm about to bust a huge myth - it's been said that you can only hire a wedding planner if you're having large wedding. This simply isn't true. Most wedding planners, if not all, have adjusted their services to suit a small wedding or elopement. Sky's the Limit certainly has!

You can check out Sky's the Let here.


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