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Aylesford Anniversary

When Tara messaged me about doing an anniversary session on a beautiful coast in the valley, I was a little hesitant to drive so far. Being located in Dartmouth, Aylesford is about an hour and a half drive from here. But when she told me this was the spot where they had their first date!! Man, I was all in. How could I say no? Right then I knew this would be the most romantic anniversary session I'd done yet! Those purple adirondack chairs they are sitting on in the first few photos are actually where they sat and watched the sunset during their first date. We took a few photos on the beautiful beach, and then Tara had the wonderful idea to drive back up the dirt road to take photos at this gorgeous red barn that she saw on the drive in. We then took photos in the neighboring field because the sunset was just unblievably beautiful in that spot. What a fantastic adventure this was. Now I can't wait to head to the Valley for future sessions!!


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