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Detail Styling to Elevate Your Wedding Day

Updated: Mar 25, 2020

What is detail styling, or flat lay?

You might have noticed a surge of detail photography, especially from fine art photographers like myself. It has been featured everywhere over the last couple of years in wedding blogs and on social media. It's something I have been including in my all inclusive wedding packages for my couples.

Your photographer essentially lays out the details from your wedding day and photographs them on a gorgeous back drop often brought in from their studio. The backdrops I use change over time, but they are always a simple colour like grey, white, or light pink.

What details should I prepare for my photographer?

Some great details to include in your flat lay would be family heirlooms, if you have some. Your earrings, necklace, and your rings. Often times your photographer will have a beautiful ring box to use for these photos, but if you already have one you’d like to include then they can definitely use that as well. Paper details, also known as stationery, is also a lovely addition. Your wedding invitation, save the date, details, and menu if you’ve printed one. If you are using vow cards - definitely include those. Your wedding shoes are also a wonderful detail to add, as well as your perfume.

Should I include florals?

YES! You should definitely include your florals. Sometimes that can be tricky – because your flowers may not be ready in time for the photographer. I personally like to photograph these details early in the morning. It is important to communicate the details of this before-hand with your photographer and florist, to make sure the timeline is realistic. Having a wedding planner coordinate this into your timeline is SO helpful. Flowers to include in your flat lay are your bouquet, boutonnieres, and even having a few spare flowers to use is great too.

A note from local calligrapher and stationery designer Blush and Faire

Stationer and calligrapher Blush and Faire gives insight into the importance of adding your  stationery details to your flat lay photography on your wedding day
Calligrapher and stationery expert, Blush and Faire.

Having your photographer take flat lay or detail styling photos for your day is such a beautiful way to capture some really special items that hold great meaning to you. When creating invitations for my clients, I love working their personalities and love stories into the design. Invitations are the first thing your guests receive that set the tone for your day and they should not be something you pop in the mail and never see again! Including items like Marie mentioned such as jewelry, florals, your wedding shoes or other personal items makes it even more special. To make life easier, I always make sure that I include a complete set for you to pass along to your planner or photographer, and another set for a keepsake. Talk to your vendors and plan in advance, you won’t be sorry!

- Aislinn, Blush & Faire

Photography for this blog is brought to you by Marie Roy Photography, all stationery details Blush and Faire, florals Little Thistle, shoes Bella Belle Shoes, and engagement ring by Fireworks Jewelry.


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