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Magnolia Engagement

Updated: Aug 12, 2019

Absolutely loved photographing this engagement session for Stephanie and Darryl while they were visiting from St John’s, Newfoundland, organizing the first steps of planning their 2020 wedding. The magnolias were out in (almost) full bloom here in Dartmouth, and giving me major spring inspiration! This huge magnolia tree was in a Park super close to the Dartmouth waterfront, so we spent half the session there, and the other half on the wharf. Steph’s outfit is from Dynamite. Her beautiful engagement ring from Crescent, and her nails by Lars Beauty Den. The piece of fabric covering her shoulders was plant dyed at home by me on a rainy afternoon, the colour specifically created to match the beautiful spring blooms. And last but not least, the cozy blanket seen in the final images was a rental from Staged for Upsell.


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