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Styled Shoots

Some photographers don't like them and don't do them - which I totally get! Everyone has their own things that are beneficial to their brands. I personally love styled shoots and have found them super beneficial. I may not do them very often, but when I do, I go all out - and here's why.

I get to work with my ideal vendors

Here me out. If you haven't been a part of one of my styled shoots it's NOT because you're not my ideal vendor. That is not what I mean by this! I try very hard every time I do a styled shoot to reach out to people who I've never worked with before. If I like their style, and their brand aesthetic matches mine, then I will very likely reach out to them and see if they'd like to collaborate. Collaboration in this industry is key, because so many of us never get to see each other on a wedding day because we are a) working, and b) we're busy! It's so fun to get to work with each other on a project that is more relaxed.

I get to attract my ideal client

Working with ideal vendors goes hand in hand with attracting my ideal client. I choose venues, models, makeup artist, florist, etc for a reason - and that is to attract those clients. I want to work for people who appreciate the same aesthetic I do. Photographing weddings is fantastic - but sometimes it's best for me to put together an event to show off the aesthetic that really resonates with my brand, so that I can attract the clients who enjoy that same kind of look and feel.

Getting creative

My styled shoots are different every single time. I rarely ever do the same thing twice. That's because my styled shoot ideas come from an authentic and artistic space. This can sometimes feel like a bit of a risk, like thinking way outside the box - but that's because I want to keep being able to be creative in this industry. And to do that, I have to create things that resonate with me - not just follow trends, or do what everyone else is doing. At the end of the day, I am a photographer because I'm an artist - and these styled shoots, for me, serve that sole purpose.

Getting published

Yup, that's right. I try and get all of my styled shoots published in wedding magazines or blogs. Knowing I'll be trying to get published from the get-go helps me make sure my shoots are top of the line. From details, to products, models and vendors used - everything is the best of the best. This pushes me to be better and work harder every single time, and I love that. When my styled shoots get published, and I get to send that email out to all of our vendors with the great news - it is the greatest feeling, and makes the whole experience come full-circle.

Styled shoot with Katrina Tuttle gown, Little thistle florals, Studs astray jewelry, Graceful weddings event coordination and Bowers construction venue

A note from event planner Graceful Weddings

There are so many reasons why I love doing styled shoots. I would have to say my absolute favorite is being able to turn inspiration into a reality. Just like most brides and other creatives, I can spend hours upon hours scrolling Pinterest and Instagram looking at wedding décor. Being able to create something that I feel would belong on those pages makes me so happy and it is SO much fun! It is not always realistic for most budgets, guest count or venue to create the décor that make most styled shoots stand out. But, I love using them as an opportunity to show how great an event can look when I apply my knowledge and creative eye to bring it to life with collaboration from the most amazing wedding vendors in our area.

- Hannah Forrest, Graceful Weddings & Events

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