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Top Reasons to do a First Look

I am super excited about this blog post. This is one of my top favorite moments from the wedding day, and that's for a couple of reasons!

The anticipation

Okay, hear me out here. I know there is a ton of anticipation when you're about to walk up the aisle with all of your friends and family around. Of course! But why can't we experience this twice? Once just the two of you, intimately and without an audience - and then again when you walk up the aisle. I personally don't believe first looks take away any of the magic. They really, in my opinion, add to it! You get to experience it twice! What's better than that?

Authentic reactions

There's really nothing like experiencing these emotions without there being so many eyes on you. It's incredibly intimate. There's also absolutely no rush. You'll have loads of time to twirl around, get excited and giddy! Jump up and down if you want to.

Intimate portraits together

This is an incredible opportunity to get even more photos taken together on your wedding day. You get to spend even MORE time together on your wedding day! How incredible is that? Instead of meeting for the first time during your ceremony at 4:00, you can get together and have this incredible moment together way earlier in the day (say, 1:00). You can have all of your wedding party photos taken together as well before your ceremony even happens! It just extends your time spent together that much more.

Reading Vows

Have I already said how intimate this is? Maybe I'm a broken record. But come on! What an incredible time to read your vows to each other and experience all those emotions just the two of you.

A special feature from Caitlin of Gray Weddings and Events

One of my favourite parts of a first look as a planner/coordinator is seeing the wedding party hiding out to catch a glimpse of the first look! You want it to be an intimate moment for just the bride and groom, but sometimes there’s a spot the wedding party can go with a perfect vantage point so they can watch the special moment from afar.

If I’m able to take a short break from setting up, you can bet that I’m watching along with the wedding party - I can’t even help myself! I’ve experienced the wedding party get almost as emotional as the bride and groom when the first look happens. There’s just so much anticipation, excitement, emotion, nerves and giddiness in the air! It’s so heartwarming to see the love the wedding party has for the couple that they’ve come together to celebrate.

To see more from Gray Weddings and Events, visit their website here.

To see more first look inspiration, visit my Pinterest page here.


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