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Top Reasons to do a Winter Wedding

For this week's blog post, I'll be chatting with you about winter weddings and why they will be more in-demand this year than ever before. Let's be honest - 2021 will be booked up way in advance due to the huge amount of re-booking of the 2020 wedding season. Between the re-bookings and the new bookings, it will be difficult to get everyone into the same 3-month wedding season. Now, that's not to say it'll be impossible! I just can't express how important it is to explore new options for yourself and your loved ones during this time. So, let's dive in!

Winter is incredibly romantic

This is what I think of when I try and imagine a winter gathering; hot cocoa, blankets, sweaters, scarves, and the crackling sound of a warm fire. I can think of nothing more romantic than the cozy feeling of all these things combined. Our winters here in Nova Scotia aren't even that cold. You could wear a long sleeved wedding gown with a gorgeous knit sweater over-top if it got really chilly. The groom and groomsmen won't be sweating in their suits. You could have some gorgeous bridal mittens made, if needed - or wear some that your grandmother or mother made for you. The possibilities are endless!

Your budget will thank you

There is a really good chance your venue will have great off-season rates. Perhaps not for New Years Eve, Valentine's Day, or any other winter holidays. But I would definitely reach out and see if your ideal venue offers special rates! Your venue might even be pre-decorated with Holiday decorations such as Christmas trees and wreaths if you consider an early December wedding!

Speaking of decorations - winter is a great opportunity to do something super unique! Skip the pastel or pink decorations and try neutral tones that offer warmth and comfort. Have a fireplace with chairs around it and lots of cozy blankets! Occupy your guests children with cookie decorating, a Christmas movie or even hire Santa to stop in.

Your friends will thank you

Wedding season - June, July and August are super busy months for people. There is SO much to do in such a little summer season. If you want to enhance the attendance for your wedding, celebrate your wedding during the winter! The busiest seasons for travel are usually in the spring, from March-May.. So, if you celebrate during the months of November-January you could have an incredible attendance! People will be so excited to have a reason to get out, celebrate and eat some delicious treats during these months.

Top choice wedding vendors

I've already touched on this a little bit in the opening paragraph, but this is an incredibly important point during these times. 2021 is going to be more in-demand than any season we've seen in a long time! I hate to say it, but there's a good chance your favorite vendors will be booked out way in advance! You'll have much better luck getting the team of your dreams together this winter or even spring.

Special Feature from Jessie of Little Thistle Floral Design

Winter weddings are in a complete class of their own when it comes to a creating a magical and romantic setting for you and your guests. Think snow-capped evergreens, antique gold and crystal ornaments and a room full of white pillar candles. With Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanza and New Year’s Eve, winter is already a season for celebration. Why not add your wedding to the mix? With colder temperatures and indoor ceremonies, you don’t need to worry about the rain, bugs or intense summer heat while wearing a heavy wedding dress or suit. Plus, the chances of your guests being unable to attend your big day because they already have three other weddings that month are slim to none. But most of all, I love the feeling in the air during the winter time - that cozy feeling that makes you want to sit by the fireplace and gather with family and friends. Sounds like a perfect setting for a wedding to me.

As a florist, I get especially excited when I book a winter wedding. It means I get to work with winter greens like cedar, fir, pine, magnolia, cypress and holly which add an amazing element of texture to an arrangement and smell amazing! An added bonus is that a variety of winter greens are often Canadian grown, which is a great way to support our farmers. Whether you want all white, a touch of colour or a bold statement, there are many choices when it comes to florals for a winter wedding. For example, a white bouquet with winter greens and a hint of blue, or a bouquet full of deep red, plum and gold tones are both lovely options. Berries, pine cones and even ornaments can make wonderful additions to any arrangement as well. Finally, an added perk of winter weddings is you do not need to worry about your flowers wilting in the hot summer sun.

To see more from Little Thistle, visit their website here.

To see my Pinterest board full of great winter wedding inspiration, click here.


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