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I had the opportunity to visit Amsterdam a couple weekends ago, during the month of October. My friends and I needed a quick getaway, especially after a busy summer season. Amsterdam sounded fun and beautiful, and we were really hoping we’d get to see some fall foliage.


We landed in Amsterdam on a Thursday afternoon, checked into our hotel, and immediately set out on the town. We were blown away by the beauty of this city. There are endless canals in Amsterdam, and actually, fun fact; there are more canals in Amsterdam than there are in Venice! Just about every 100 meters it felt like we were crossing a bridge or at least approaching one.


We explored large gorgeous markets, that were abundant in food, fashion and flowers. There were so many tulips and lots & lots of cheese. There must have been a cheese shop around every corner.


The bike lanes were fascinating – I can’t even count on two hands the amount of times I nearly got hit by cyclists for stopping to take a photo in the bike lane! One thing I can say is look both ways in Amsterdam, and then look again! Because I guarantee you’re about the hear the ‘ding ding’ of a cyclists headed towards you.


Our trip was short-lived, as we headed back to the airport Saturday morning. But it was absolutely stunning and I would highly recommend that everyone experience Amsterdam. The people and the scenery are just fabulous.

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