You may find it strange that I have an entire page dedicated to equestrian photography - so I'm going to explain myself.


When I started Marie Roy Photography professionally - my initial goal was to focus on weddings. I knew this would take a lot of time away from equestrian photography. I was prepared for this - because photographing horse shows isn't a great source of income for any photographer. It's a whole lot of standing around in the sun, the dust - all of it. All day.

But, now it's a new year. My wedding photography business has really taken off, and I am loving every minute of it. What I'm realizing is that equestrian photography is something that I am truly passionate about. Looking through my portfolio, I realize some of my favorite photos from 2019 have horses in them. It's something I can't let go of.


So, I am going to continue doing my "Equestrian Mini Series" for any barn that wants to have me come out and photograph their love for their horse. I'll also do my best to attend the Restless Pines Horse Shows when I can. The turnaround time for horse shows may be slower, but I will absolutely make an effort to show up, because there truly isn't anything that sparks joy for me quite as much as being around horses.

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