Hey there, thank you for visiting my website. Since you are reading this, I'm assuming you'd like to get to know me better. I'm so glad to have you here.


I've always had a natural inclination to the arts - drawing, painting, as well as photography. I always dreamed of going to NSCAD, the arts college here in Halifax. But instead, I found myself going to Dalhousie and receiving my BSc in Nursing. As much as Nursing would have been an awesome path for my future - it just really wasn't for me. 

I'm  a passionate and avid traveller, and my love for the arts runs deep. During the off-season, I spend my time travelling all over the world (If you're thinking of eloping in Europe - I'm your girl!). I also spend a lot of time at home reading. I sometimes read a book every week.. sometimes two.  I spend a lot of time at home with my husband, Jeremiah, my two Chihuahua's (Norman and Winston) my horse (Walter), and my absolutely beautiful 8 year old son, Lucas. 

I'm a laid-back person. Very calm and relaxed, and there's honestly not much that can get me riled up. I'm also bilingual in French and English! I was born in Quebec, so French is my first language. My family moved to Nova Scotia when I was just about to enter Jr. High School. Since then, my parents have moved back to Quebec, but I've made myself at home here and have no plans on leaving Nova Scotia - ever. It is my home.


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My Style

My photography aesthetic is as simple as it gets. I like to suggest a pose or idea to you, and if it feels comfortable, then we go with it. I love capturing movement and emotion, and the best way for me to do that is by photographing the candid moments between poses. My style is easy-going, calm, and natural. 

My editing style is as simple as my photography. It is light and natural, and will remain timeless over the years. You will look back on your photos years from now, and still find them just as beautiful.




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Halifax Wedding Photographer


Marie is a fine art wedding and portrait photographer, located in Halifax, Nova Scotia. She is one of the few bilingual wedding photographers in Nova Scotia; speaking French and English.  Often seen travelling the world, capturing beauty in the simplest ways. She uses natural light and simplistic editing to create soft, romantic images.

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