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Sable island photos for sale. Sable island prints for sale. Sable island wild horses.

Sable Island

Marie Roy Photography 


Sable island, limited edition: volume I

"An Equine Photographer by trade, Marie Roy offers a distinct advantage to showcase Sable Island's wildlife as she has perfected the skill of  capturing the grace and movement of animals.

Marie has an acute sense of timing, patience, and an ability to anticipate those fleeting moments, essential for documenting the island's elusive ambiance.

In her unique series, Marie creates a
fresh perspective that breathes life into Sable Island's wildlife photography anthology, adding her signature element of fine artistry to the natural world. The result, a gentle radiance amidst the exacting land, where the demands of “progress” and “use” elude these animals, where they are free to be wild."

Natalie Roth-Charron


Welcome to

Sable island
with Marie Roy Photography

I finally got to explore Sable Island this summer, and it was everything I ever dreamed of! As a horse-girl at heart, seeing horses in the wild has been a lifelong dream (I'm sure you can relate!) I am delighted to have experienced it.

Thank you for letting me share my joy with you. I hope this page brightens up your day as much as it has mine.

Limited edition
signed prints

These limited edition signed copies are available in various sizes, starting from 11x14 inches and beyond.

Only while supplies last. This series is already 25% sold!

Digital Shop

Marie Roy's digital storefront of the print shop exhibits a marvelous compilation of 11 Sable Island photographs, available in both vertical and horizontal orientations.


These limited edition signed copies are available in various sizes, starting from 11x14 inches and beyond.

As time progresses, the prices of these exclusive photographs may surge depending on their availability. Therefore, it is highly recommended that you make your purchase as soon as you can!

Learn More Color

Sable Island volume I


I’ve received my stunning sable island print and am completely blown away. The subtle details and beauty of these horses and the island is unmatched and is something that marie captures magnificently.


Seeing Sable island has been a dream of mine as long as I can remember and having a photographer from the east coast who shared that dream means so much. Seeing sable island through Marie’s eyes has made it even more magical.

Melissa Tully


Artfully and authentically preserving memories to last a lifetime

Capturing images to last a lifetime. Moments frozen in time that are authentic, beautiful, and most importantly, yours.

Marie Roy is a Fine Art Photographer, located in Halifax Nova Scotia









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