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Cancun Bridal Inspiration

Updated: Sep 25, 2019

This styled shoot was a bit of a last minute idea of mine. I knew I was going to Cancun in just over a week, but didn’t know I would be able to pull off such a fabulous session on the coast while I was there. I thought for sure all I would only need a simple dress and maybe even some flowers. I was absolutely blown away when I received this beautiful gown from Chavah Design's "convertible collection". It was blush pink, perfect for a one-of-a-kind bride and so flowy and fun to play with on the windy coast of Cancun. I also received flowers from Oh Dina, in which she added this beautiful orange tropical flower to really bring out the vibe of this ocean bridal inspiration. The very elegant fresh water pearls featured in the earrings and choker necklace were from Halifax jeweller, SJH Jewelry. Our model, Ana Karen is such a beautiful and well respected model in her city of Cancun. She did her own hair and makeup, and was so easy going and so much fun to work with. Nothing makes me happier, really, than being able to bring maritime items of this caliber with me to an international location! It was truly such a pleasure.


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