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Alegra & Kashi

Bay horse jumping black and white oxer 1.15M jumper division at Coveside Show Series

2024 Private Photography update: mark your calendars! Packages are coming out on April 1st.

Super happy to be sharing Alegra and her mare Kashi on the blog today. Alegra booked the premium private photography package, which included the warm up ring and black background portraits.

Got some cool angles of the brand new warm-up ring at Coveside, as well as a little candid photo walking through the trail that leads from the warm-up to the show ring.

Q: What are your big goals (or small goals) for the 2024 season?

A: My main goals for 2024 are to get really solid in the 1.10s and 1.15s and work on getting my lower leg stronger to help with improving my equitation. Some smaller goals are just to make sure I maintain a positive mindset, learn to make peace with riding whatever horse I have instead of creating this image of what it should be 24/7 and overall become a healthier person both mentally and physically.

Helmet: One K, Tack: CWD, Bonnet: De la Coeur, Saddle pad: Ogilvy, Stirrups: Free Jump, Breeches: Struck, Air vest: Helite, Coach: Jenn Sarsfield, Groom: Deborah & Alysia Totino, Venue: Coveside Stables


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