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Portraits of "Reliable"

black background equine portrait of a bay pony with a big white blaze in Nova Scotia, Canada.

During the Coveside Classic last summer, we managed to find the time to sneak in a little 10 minute Black Background mini portrait session for the ever so special Eli - show name, Reliable.

"Eli is a barn and family favourite, he has a sweet and in-your-pocket personality making him a joy to be around on the ground while also being a very fun pony to ride and work with under saddle. He loves his naps, cookies and cuddles. He is a total puppy at heart!" - Owner, Deanna Greenman.

Q: What do you love the most about your black background portraits of Eli? And is there a certain aesthetic about them that really captivates you?

A: I love the overall aesthetic of the black background portraits you deliver. It really enhances the horses features and draws your attention. For Eli specifically, I loved how much it enhanced his soft personality, while still being so eye catching.

I think the black background portraits really allow people to see so much more of the horse because it's the main focal point. For Eli, his portraits perfectly displayed all his best features and they are keepsakes I will have forever.


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