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Elizabeth & Prince Caspian

It was such a pleasure to watch Elizabeth Heaton & Prince Caspian (Eddie) in the ring together at the Coveside Classic. They had quite a few ups and downs at the show. I have never seen someone as joyful and easy-going, even despite all of the challenges they were facing!

We had quite a range of weather through-out the Classic last year, as you can see. From gorgeous overcast days (I know, it's weird that this is my fav - but I love it for photos!), sunshine, and torrential downpours that threw the whole show for a loop! They handled it like champs!

Q: What was the highlight of the 2023 season for you?

A: The highlight of my 2023 season was finally showing without the added anxiety or nerves. I did most of the season at a very comfortable height for myself and the horse I have the pleasure of showing. I was able to focus entirely on what happened in between the jumps to improve the flatwork aspect than focusing on how big and scary the jumps were.

With improving the flat and comfort we were able to attempt a big move up to 3’ which neither of us have much experience in. While there were definitely some failed moments, it was a great learning experience and we figured out what we needed to work on this winter to be ready for next show season!

Helmet: Kask, Braids: Amanda Johnson, Tack: Antares, Coach: Chelsea McKendrick (Owl's Ridge Farm), Groom: Victoria Mastin, Venue: Coveside Stables


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