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Equestrian Inspired Engagement

Updated: May 7, 2022

Published* As seen in The White Wren

An equestrian inspired engagement for our beautiful couple Taylor and Chris, on an absolutely gorgeous farm in Windsor, Nova Scotia. You might recognize those beautiful grey rocks that you can see from the highway - that is exactly where we were.

This styled shoot has been a dream of mine for over a year now - I had planned to do it last spring, but things changed and unfortunately it couldn't happen. I tried to be patient and spent the year slowly continuing to plan it, which turned out incredible because I brought a planner on board and we were going to make it big & bridal inspired - there was going to be a tablescape, florals, the whole thing.

Of course, the pandemic happened - again. All I can do is laugh about it now, because this editorial I'd been planning ended up falling on another lockdown, and getting *almost* cancelled a second time. I took some time to think it over, and decided that instead of cancelling, I would just strip this shoot down to the bare bones and make it the simplest love story that I could.

We got rid of the tablescape, the gown, the flowers - everything. What was left was this beautiful love story between this authentic horse-loving couple. They take a ride down to the cliffside, enjoy a simple picnic and of course have photos done with their horse.

Sometimes, simplicity is everything. I'm so glad we went through with it. Scroll all the way to the bottom to see Above Clouds Media capture it through video in a way that only he can.


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