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Helpful Tips for your Wedding Floral Design

Flowers can play such a huge part of your wedding day and can dramatically change the aesthetic of your portraits, your ceremony and your reception. For most weddings, flowers are the main decor element. It can all be pretty over whelming - with so much inspiration out there on Instagram and on Pinterest. So, I'd love to simplify it a bit for you with the top things to consider when you're just starting to plan your floral design.


The shape of your floral arrangements will definitely be something you'll need to consider and discuss with your florist. High-end florist will definitely discuss with you the different options and bouquet shapes, but if you're considering going the cheaper route or making your own - you'll want to decide which shape works best for you. Heart shaped and wild-looking are definitely in style right now! Try searching for modern, natural, and romantic inspiration. I'll have a link to some Pinterest pages down below.

Bonus tip from Lisa of Flourish Floral Design; Each floral designer has their own style that will be infused into every wedding. Look for a designers style that resonates with what you are looking for, and check for consistency through their galleries.

Sweet Woodruff Katie Nicolle Photography and Marie Roy Photography Halifax Wedding Photographer


My number one tip when it comes to the colours of your floral arrangements is to be open-minded! You don't want to go into this with a colour plan that is absolute, because your floral designer can only order in the colours that are available to them at that time. Seasons play a huge role in this, of course - as well as general availability. They will get as close as possible to the colour tones you're dreaming of, but it likely won't be exact. Fresh flowers grow in slight variations and a florist can never promise an exact color. You also have to trust your floral designer will know what works best for you.

Tip from Lisa of Flourish Floral Design; Share visual examples of the color palette with a floral designer. What one person may call blush, another may call baby pink and another may call nude. Don't leave it up to the imagination. Often the bridesmaids dresses are a key element in the color palette, show an example of the dresses to the florist too.

Little Thistle Floral Design and Marie Roy Photography Halifax Wedding Photographer

Consider your venue

Will you be having an indoor wedding or an outdoor wedding? If your reception is outdoors, you probably won't want to have loose florals on your tables that could blow around (or blow away!) in the breeze. If you're having a rustic barn wedding, your floral arrangements might have some wild flowers in them - and if you're going more of a modern route then you may want to have more whites or neutral tones. A neutral indoor venue can be an amazing backdrop to add any style you prefer.

Lisa's Tip; Outdoor ceremonies are very popular. If your ceremony is in a grassy area, has a bushy or foresty background then don't go too heavy on the greenery as it can actually blend into the surroundings. Whites contrast the natural landscapes and sublet pops of colour can really stand out.

Little Thistle Floral Design and Marie Roy Photography Halifax Wedding Photographer

What will get photographed the most

Use the bridal bouquet as your starting point. Your bouquet will be in almost all of your photographs with you - so you definitely want to make sure it's perfect for you. You'll want to make sure the shape you've chosen as well as the colour palette will match your dress and the overall theme of your wedding. Once you have this, you'll want to move on to the bridal party, ceremony and reception details.

Lisa's Tip; Your bouquets will be out of water for long periods of time on the wedding day. A flower you love may have a high wilt rate. The bouquets should consist of flowers and foliage that will uphold their beauty until the end of the day. Plan to have water filled vases waiting in the reception to keep the bouquets as fresh as possible for those sunset photos.

Sweet Woodruff Katie Nicolle Photography and Marie Roy Photography Halifax Wedding Photographer

Helpful tip number five with Halifax Floral Designer,

Flourish Floral

The Ceremony

This is THE moment. This is where you say your vows, declare your love and commitment in front of family and friends. That moment we all love and dream of, walking down the aisle to the love of your life. Don't overlook this moment in your planning!

The ceremony is usually the last thing we hear about as floral designers. Bouquets first, then reception ideas. But the ceremony often gets left as an after thought. Too many people make the mistake thinking that it is the shortest period of time spent during the wedding day, so it shouldn't have the investment of beautiful decor. But in reality, your ceremony pictures are some of the most cherished moments captured and they last a lifetime.

I love a beautiful floral arbour. It frames the couple and keeps the focus on you during the most intimate part of the wedding; the vows. There are many arbour shapes and styles to choose from. A floral arrangement on an abour needs to be carefully installed onsite by the designer, while ceremony decor like large urns could potentially be set up by a decorator or coordinator.

You can expect to pay $350 and upwards for an arrangement on an arbor. Budget for more if you're looking for a lush floral style. Don't be scared by this investment, ceremony decor can often be re-purposed in the reception area. Ultimately, the ceremony is a very intimate moment between two people. Image how you want to feel during that moment and create a complimentary design.

You can check out Lisa from Flourish Floral Design here.

For more Floral inspiration, please check out my Pinterest. It is curated with gorgeous fine art floral inspiration that is modern, elegant, natural and romantic.


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