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Vanessa Burchill & Huntec

We are gearing up here to introduce our 2024 Private Photography show packages in the coming weeks, and what better way to do that than to kick it off with our yearly spring blogging! I hope you're excited to see some of our favorite moments from the 2023 show season.

We're kicking it off with Vanessa and her gelding Huntec. They share a super special bond and deep connection, which I feel very fortunate to have photographed. This season was extra special, as it was their last together. Huntec is going to be stepping down to lower levels with a lucky young rider, while Vanessa moves up with a new mount that I am so excited to meet this summer!

Vanessa opted for the Premium package during the Coveside Classic. They are photographed spending time together ringside, waiting for their classes to begin, and really showing off the bond that we know so well.

Helmet: One K, Braids: Samantha Sharpe, Saddle: Schleese, Bridle: Val du Bois, Coach: Ashley Keary, Venue: Coveside Stables


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