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I recently had the pleasure of visiting the most beautiful little town ever in Charlottesville, Virginia. I went to VA this past weekend to visit my friend Christine, the owner of Hart Equestrian, and she took me for a little day trip to Charlottesville to see all of her favorite Wineries & polo fields (amazing, right?)

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Charlottesville is surrounded by stunning natural beauty, including the Blue Ridge Mountains - photographed here at King Family Vineyards and Pippin Hill Farm. I am absolutely dying to see a Polo match on the field at King Family, and am seriously considering scheduling my next trip to Charlottesville around that experience alone. What an absolutely stunning town with the most jaw-dropping views. Huge thank you to my friend Christine for this amazing weekend away!

Charlottesville, Virginia - Virginia's Wine country. Pippin Hill Wedding, Pippin Hill Weddings. King Family Farm polo match and wine. Weekend in Virginia. Marie Roy Equestrian - Hart Equestrian.


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