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Ellen & Brandon

An intimate affair with a backdrop of soft rain is such a romantic and special occasion. The sound of raindrops drumming against the windows, the glistening of the wet streets, and the lush greenery around all make for a truly serene, yet romantic atmosphere. There's something so calming yet magical about the sound of the rain, and it's certainly a unique way to celebrate a special occasion.

Ellen truly looked elegant, and the glamour of her statement shoes and unique dress definitely made it a micro-wedding to remember. They say rain on your wedding day brings good luck, and I believe it. It could be a sign of a long and prosperous marriage, as the rain symbolizes fertility, cleansing, and renewal. Plus, the photos of the two of you kissing in the rain will be a fun reminder of your special day! Wishing you a lifetime of joy and love.

Congratulations E&B!

KM Wedding & Event (planner), Twig & Twine Floristry (bouquet), Reformation (dress), Selena Marchand (makeup), Updos by Jacqueline (hair), Lupin Design (stationery), Glow the Event Store (rentals), Call It Spring (shoes), Tatum's Bridal (veil), Halifax Citadel (ceremony), Prince George Hotel (reception)


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